Workshop Testimonial

After-workshop photo opportunity with Cindy Michaels, Cindy Tidwell, Bridget Driggers

Here I am with the owner of Wren’s Nest and the other interior designer. There were 37 people in attendance.  I never thought that I would teach a feng shui class in Dalton, GA! Thanks for your support!  More stories to tell in person.

The photographer’s testimonial:

Wonderful job everyone! I’m personally motivated to de-clutter and be
intentional in getting my house in order!  Thanks for your expertise!

Write me at the right if you would like a de-clutter and de-stress workshop hosted by your store.

De-Clutter, De-Stress & Delight Workshop

Professional interior designer Bridget Driggers to offer tips on mindfully and intentionally organizing spaces that bring you joy with Feng Shui techniques and ideas for repurposing and letting go of things to create areas for new growth.

Saturday, January 9
9:00am to 12:00pm
2001 Shields Rd. Dalton, Georgia
706.529-NEST (6378)

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Participants are also invited to bring an item they want to re-purpose, swap or donate to a good cause.

Work with professional interior designers

Bridget Driggers will offer an introduction to the design principles of Feng Shui and intentionally arranging spaces to complement your life and bring you joy. Special event consultant and home organizer Anne Smith Walker and licensed acupuncturist Christine Pope, along Wrens Nest owner and yoga therapist Cindy Michaels will lead a mindful meditation practice and will facilitate a group discussion on de-stressing the mind in preparation for organizing and living a less cluttered life. Cindy Tidwell will lead a discussion on mindfully organizing, purging and how you can take control of the clutter in your home and allow for more positive and energetic daily living.

Bridget Driggers

Bridget DriggersDriggers is an award-winning interior designer and Feng Shui consultant. She has served on the board of the International Feng Shui Guild and designed interior spaces for Wyndham Hotels for the last eight years. She will offer an introduction to Feng Shui principles and intentional design and will lead participants on an exercise to apply the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui to spaces in their own homes. Driggers is an experienced presenter and currently offers design services to businesses and individuals throughout the region.