About Bridget Driggers


Georgia, U.S.A

Bridget holds the vision that everyone can live a life of higher purpose and achieve success while maintaining peace through balance.

Bridget Prewitt Driggers began her incredible journey at Queen Kapiolani Hospital Oahu, Hawaii. Her father’s work moved them to six more states before she graduated from high school. Bridget met her husband Dave at Auburn University. She earned a B.A. in Interior Design. They settled in the N.Georgia mountains to raise their daughter and son.

Being clairscentient from early childhood, Bridget interacts with the energies of a space. Led by her clients support, she studied feng shui with many Masters including Denise Linn. As a member of the Board for the International Feng Shui Guild, she participated in several conferences. Bridget is an intentional designer and works mostly with corporate clients who seek a worker friendly environment that also meets governmental green standards.

Gathering many tools of healing, such as space clearing, reiki, and qi-gong, Bridget continued her studies with a South American shaman and became an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Spiritual Counselor through Doreen Virtue.

She and her children started a non-profit organization to support young adults affiliated with the Child Spirit Institute. She became ordained and is now a co-minister for a nondenominational church.

Through the Soul Coaching program, Bridget helps you take hold of the highest dream that you can and use your power to attain it. She believes that nothing can stop you once your vision is clear.